Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cyrus and Can-Do-Canines

it was only last year when I put in an application for a service dog to help me with my mobility issues. After I went through he approval process and the home interview I had to wait to be matched to a dog undergoing final training. Then in November, right after Thanksgiving, I was matched to a dog. Cyrus was brought to the house by one of the in-house trainers and she showed me how to act with my boy. Then for the next few months Cyrus and I were in training, or to be exact, I was in training to learn to use Cyrus. We went with our local trainer, Kemlyn, to the stores, the mall, the pet store and trained in the house. When we felt I had reached the level of competency, we were tested and passed our certification test. Now we are waiting for Graduation next month.

I can't believe how much this dog has opened up my life. I feel good going out on my own to even just take a walk in the neighborhood. He is also always with me and supporting me, loving me unconditionally. It is amazing and I can not thank all the people who made this possible for me. God bless you all!

My Baclofen Bump - TheTechnology

A new technology is giving me the chance to move and be semi-productive again. I had a Baclofen pump inserted into my spinal cord. This pump drips the medication directly into my spinal cord and is eliminating the severe spasms that I have had to deal with in my back and legs. Having the spasms end is a wonderful thing in that I can walk and stand without doubling up after only a few minutes. For example, to do dishes I used to have to sit after washing less than a sink full of dishes and add more hot water to do the next batch. Although it does not work on the nerve damage to my legs and back it has made me feel that a big difference has been made. Only drawback is that I look to be pregnant on the right side of my belly where the pump is located. But I can live without looking fashionable anymore. The good far outweighs the bad stuff.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Folly of Technology

I was talking to a friend today and we were discussing the advancement of the technological age. I was there at the birth of the home PC and been an avid processor of any technology I have seen since. I remember the cell phones that were bigger than your home phone that used to plug into a wall socket, computers that were really slow and you had to learn a new language to work them, and even Television advancement. I remember as a child getting to see TV in color and how astounding it was to watch Flipper and see what the ocean looked like in color. I hope to be around for the next advancement and I for one can't wait to see what we come up with next. Maybe they will find a way to do a spinal cord replacement!